2014 Foraging Workshops

Embark on a path to discovering the wild world of plants all around you. In twelve weekly classes, we will learn the names, patterns, and uses of trees, shrubs, weeds and herbs or our locale. Learn the skills of plant identification, sustainable foraging, avoiding poisonous plants, and edible and medicinal uses, all through experiential immersion. Classes meet Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm at White Pine Wilderness Academy, 841 W 53rd St, Rocky Ripple, Indiana 46228.


To get a taste of what the series will offer, come to the White Pine Wilderness Academy grand opening celebration on June 29. We will have plant walks at 2 and 5 pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/699099403481924/

Here is the schedule for classes:
Week 1: Intro, Botany Basics
Week 2: Parts of a Flower, How to Use a Key
Week 3: How to Taste Plants, Poison Plants
Week 4: Gathering Plants for Food and Medicine
Week 5: Plants of the Lawn
Week 6: Plants of the Woods
Week 7: Plants of the Meadow
Week 8: Plants of the Stream
Week 9: Wild Food Challenge
Week 10: Making and Using Botanical Medicines
Week 11: Recognizing Gestalt, Plant Communities
Week 12: Plant Identification Challenge

Required texts/tools: Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide, 10x hand lens or jewelers loupe. Additional handy, but not required tools include pruners, soil knife, and plant dissection tools like razor knife, tweezers, and ruler.

Fees: $200 for the full 12 weeks or $20 per week for individual classes.  To complete registration for the full 12 weeks, please submit payment below via paypal, or pay in person via cash, check, or credit card at the open house event or the first day of class.  If paying at the first day of class, please contact Greg to confirm your space.

Full 12 week series payment:

1 week only payment:

If you have any questions or to register in advance for the program, contact greg@whitepinewilderness.com.